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"Well, in all honesty, I was never a fan of yoga. I always felt that it was meant for esoteric wannabe gurus who happened to have joints like a bendy doll. The names of all the poses made me think that I was in a Hare Krishna meeting ... UNTIL the day that I tried one of Andrea’s classes. I couldn’t believe how wrong I was. Andrea didn’t look or sound like any of the glassy-eyed characters. She spoke to me in my language (I am an urban east London girl). I understood all the poses and she was brilliant in offering alternatives. My 35 year history of running, weight-training, aerobics and latterly spinning had rendered me into becoming somewhat inflexible, but within a very short time, every pose became much easier and the quality of my general movement improved greatly. I also looked forward to the few minutes of calm at the end of each session which made me forget my 100 kilometre per hour life!


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