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About Me

Namaste & welcome, my name is Andrea and I am the founder of

PeacefulYoga4U and a member of the Universe. Why mention the Universe? 

because as a member, we share the same life force energy in the earths

atmosphere, we breathe the same air which links us together.

I recognised early in life that I needed more calm to my storm.  

My background as a martial artist gave me the foundation to utilise my

breath whilst executing specific exercises. This brought my awareness

of how important the breath in achieving a focused calm mind. This gave

me clarity to release  physically and mentally. This union of the mind and

body now known as Yoga.

Although fully qualified to teach, many disciplines within the health & fitness industry, my passion and focus for 15 years has been Yoga. Yoga has carried me through difficult periods in my life to which I will  forever  be grateful.

I have been a qualified Yoga teacher for 12 years and practice Hatha Yoga. I believe there is no such thing as a 'perfect' Asana (posture)  staying in your lane, as you practice, is important to keep the focus on you and no one else. Excel at what you can do rather than worrying about what you cannot. 


There are many reasons why Yoga is practiced, the most common misconception of Yoga is solely about  flexibility, but there are many paths you can follow  one thing it is about  though, is it is a way of life and will totally transform you for the better.  A life changing decision you will never regret.

I sincerely hope our paths meet in one way or another and we get the opportunity to practice together utilizing the breath in our Universal Kingdom.


Om Shanti

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