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Yoga can be anything you want it to be, it is personal to the individual. Anyone can practise Yoga regardless of age, sex or physical ability. The benefits of practising Yoga has no bounds both physical and mental benefits.  


  • Reducing stress

  • Helping you have a clearer/positive outlook on life, 

  • Freeing your mind of mental barriers 

  • Helps you to balancing/control your emotions and though processes

  • Stretching in holding postures (Asana) 

  • Improves blood circulation to the cells within the muscles

  • Enhancing muscle tone

  • Develops core strength

  • Yoga helps to realign joints correcting injuries, especially if you are very active 


The asanas help to reverse the ageing process, so discs stimulate and expand thus lengthening the spine in turn this puts less pressure  on the nerves alleviating lower back pain. As you can see these are just some of the benefits for you and your students of why Yoga is the way forward.

Benefits of practising Yoga

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